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Band aid for cancer….....

In all the hype and the hoopla surrounding the shenanigans of the “gods” of cricket, aka the board, players, media, agents, ad agencies, spouses, cooks, drives “falana dimka” one phrase which has stuck is “Band Aid for Cancer”.

Greg for all his follies or good at heart spirit that he may have carried, which we will never know due to our wise old men’s decision to lay to rest his legacy or lack of it whichever way to look at it, couldn’t be more apt when he quoted the above phrase…. None have hit the middle stump in summarizing the psyche of actions of the people in question more than Messrs Chappel.
Why just cricket, isn’t that how it has always been, in all spheres of our life, in all spheres of our interactions and daily needs. Band aid for cancer…. The mother of all medications. Band aid to solve all the ills. The one cure for all. A hypocritical solution called band aid for a menace called cancer.

We are governed by some of the most corrupt and inept administrators the world has known, they do not as in the old days kill you physically at least not as openly as before, if you go against them, but they sure are adept at killing you morally and socially.
If ever anyone finds the courage to stick up his hand to be counted and find the will to challenge the powers to be, the person soon enough finds himself in the minority, a minority of being the only one against the system. It’s a game of either our way or the highway. What do we do to fix the problem, elections.
Elections are nothing more than band aid for cancer, its like we have eruptions of cancer here and there periodically and all we do is put on a band aid and hope the cancer goes away. We see off a party in an election and bring in another party in the hope that this time it will be different, the only difference at the end of the term is we have been made fools of in a different way….is it not that corruption is the cancer in here and parties, just the host… Band aid for cancer.. Band aid called elections.

Obscenity is defined as “disgusting and morally offensive, especially because of showing total disregard for other people”
The morally upright society will raise to arms on the subject of sex education for the youngsters in this generation under the pretext of shielding them from the degradation of the western culture, but turn a blind eye to a kid working the roads, or eking out an existence “earning a living” in the various child intensive small scale industries out there. Is not child labor more obscene, more uncivilized than any thing the western culture has ever imported into the country.
How can anyone ever compare an educational endeavor in teaching kids the bad effects of getting into physical relations or guarding against misadventures from the scum of the society with kids working in inhumane conditions and barely making an living and say that the former is obscene while turning a blind eye to the latter.
So called protectors of the moral fabric of my culture… it not that the unequal and ineffectual opportunities to the kids, and a lack of knowledge in differentiation between the good and the bad in the society a cancer in here…… Band aid for cancer….Band aid called shielding the kids from “immoral” western influence in the guise of sex education for a cancer called hypocrisy.

Is not education a birthright as in our constitution? is it not the duty and dharma of the government to provide for the basic education for each and every kid out there?. What do we get in turn, realms and more realms of paper and time spent on discussing the moot question of reservations and making the society morally and socially equivalent to each other.
A child having his parents support his educational needs by pouring in money in tuitions and tutors, references and unimaginable amount of notes is purely at an advantage with a kid who works for supplementing his families income and reads by the light of a street lamp and still somehow manages to secure a passing grade. Does it make the kid “privileged” enough to have someone to provide for him a better prospect than the other kid. Hell no, in a world which is brutal in selection of the best and pruning of the week the latter has a better prospect of being a success, if ever the latter kid gets an opportunity to do so in the first place.
We are dividing the society on name of caste and reservation without going into the merits and demerits of the same. We need meritocracy to be supported and sustained in the world but not meritocracy as in the marks obtained in tests given by kids mugging the syllabus or by coaching factories churning out the IIT prodigies.
Merit is not winning or being the best in a given context, merit is the ability to survive and outlast the competition in the race called life.
If reservations are said to be inimical to merit, lack of equal opportunity for everyone to play the game is equally harmful to a system which needs the best to get through. After all a person starting off a game in golf gets a handicap in relation to someone who has been playing the game for long. Holding on to the handicap for life is inimical to merit, having the handicap in the first place is not.
Merit is talent, reservations should be about channeling that talent nothing more nothing less. But what do we have in its place, Band Aid for Cancer… a band aid called reservations for a cancer called a society, a socially irresponsible and biased society.

Sports, coming back to where it all this vent started from, band aid for cancer. We have a cancer called as commitment in our midst. A country of billion souls finds it difficult to find people who are good at excelling at a sport is the common lament. We hear complaints about lack of infrastructure, lack of support, officials treating international events as family picnics and so on and so forth. We keep hearing excuses of India being a poor country, ill able to afford the luxuries of the first world to support the sports.
We end up in the international games well below countries from sub Saharan areas where life itself is a challenge rather than getting selected for a sporting event. We adore half baked “gods“, we treat sportsmen whose only claim to fame being whipping the minnows for records as world beaters. We expect the moon from a person jumping on a trampoline.
I am no one to comment as I have no achievement to speak of my own but commitment is not one of them. We should believe in being committed to anything and everything we get into and expect the same for everyone else. we may not succeed always but then that is not expected, being committed to the common cause, cause of doing the best for winning is expected in all cases though. After each debacle we replace the sportsmen, while the problem actually lies at the people who are making those changes. sportsmen come and sportsmen go but what stays is the system which changes them.
It is the system which is at fault and needs to be changed and not the sportsmen. Its like feeding goats to the wolves, the problem is not the goats, it’s the wolves is what we forget, Band aid for cancer.. Band aid called as reports submitted and action taken by various committees in almost all the sport associations for a cancer called as commitment, commitment starting from the top rung.

We are a short cut country, we want to be on the fast lane to success, always wanting to drive in the outermost lane, even if we have the most run down jalopy not capable of winning a race against 2 legged competition. We are a intolerant kind, a kind which has a crab mentality, wanting to succeed by pulling others down and rather than trying to be the best by being the best.

Am I being hypocritical, am I being one of the problem rather than trying to be one of the solutions, Am I being someone who I was critical of just in the paragraph above, yes, in a way yes, but the target of criticism includes me. it is not passing judgments, it is not about being holier than thou, it is not about finding a solution, its not about being the one who has all the answers.

It is more a brain dump to vent the feeling so as to feel having done the bit …… Band Aid for Cancer….A band aid called a personal opinion for the cancer called the unethical and the immoral.


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