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God is mathematics.......

Anyone solving a mathematic equation with unknown variables will know what I am talking about. The solution to the most simple of solutions is evasive and someone can easily land up somewhere from where the person will have no clue as to how to get back on track to finding the solution.
What needs to be done is wipe the slate and start all over again. Isn’t that a feeling one gets when we try to make sense of what god is, we sometimes get so hopelessly lost thinking about the infinite spirit that we have to have a rain check and chuck out all our beliefs and start all over again.
Mathematics is also something which is the reason that people are religious, have you ever wondered about the potency of the prayers one offers when one finds that the math problem one is faced with in the exams is no where near to the zillions of problems solved during revisions.
Yes, god is the last recourse during that time and we dive into the unknown with belief that somehow we will get to rhs=lhs.
The similarities do not end, ever heard of limits and tending towards infinity and tending towards zero, ever thought what they actually meant. I think the root cause of baldness in human beings is math’s. People go so crazy trying to make sense of the concepts that the poor hair gets the brunt of all the scratching and pulling and hence the eventual drought on top of the head. Think for once how easy it will be to give example like what is god, something which tends to infinity, what is a living soul on planet something which tends to zero, does that make sense now.
Something which cant be grasped, something which stays the same irrespective of how much you add to it or remove from it something which is beyond the realm of intelligent comprehension is limit tending to infinity and hence god, and what is a soul something which exists but whose existence is so infinitesimally in significant in the whole scheme of the world that it tends to zero but still it exists and the existence has a value and it makes a difference in this world though infinitesimally small and tending towards zero but it exists and has a value whose limit tends to zero.
Humans have always had questions and any one reading the hitchhikers guide will always know the one question which is the mother of all questions, the answer is “42” a numerical, it could have been anything out there but it is a numerical. So god is math’s or math is god any which way you look at it.
Now if we think what is the question which has evaded human being all the time other than “What do I do to make my wife happy” that I guess is a question which even god will have no answer for, is the ever lasting quest for god. “what is god” is something which we have been trying to find for centuries and generations altogether and have come up with so many answers in the guise of so many religions that we have ended up confusing ourselves about it all the same. Talk about not knowing something, what we have now is options for ways not to know something, just like mathematics, not that it was difficult enough to solve a problem in the first place we have to divide the whole thing into equally incomprehensible divisions like algebra, geometry, calculus, logic so on and so forth for each his own way.
Even the symbolism that we have in religion and mathematics is so similar, say x = starts off simple and x + y = something nasty where y = completely incomprehensible and undecipherable Greek symbol. Religion has its mantras which start of with god = something simple and knowing god = god + some path which is not only unknown but also so highly strewn with difficulties and the directions in language known by only Chinese [coz they made the manuals], talk about a difficult path, I daily travel on roads made by BMC difficult is alien to me, or maybe BMC are messengers of god preparing us for the road to heaven. Huh, what happened gods run out of money, no doubt the priests live in lavish bungalows and sorry for digressing from topic, back to mathematics. Ok where was I ? This is what happens, when I pray and when I am solving a math problem, A similar state of mind, state where my mind has a tendency to tend towards zero and stay there …..
The way to nirvana and eternal bliss is oh so clear, if only I could solve a damn problem….


liju said…
If God is Mathematics.. then there is hope..

For as obsure the ideas may be, there is a certainity to it in a defined scope.

I do not understand infinity. Nor do I understand the mantras.

But I do know that mathematics tells me about the projectile motion and the path an object would traverse if given a certain force and direction. Given a defined world ruled by laws.

Similarly, I do know that given this world, as it is, my actions will take me on a definite path with respect to my virtuousness. A virtousness measured against an alive conscientiousness. The path being the will of God.

I am incapable of going beyond the boundaries of calculas.. and beyond the realm of conscientiousness. I am capable of understanding neither God nor Mathematics.

But few do come along who see God in a fuller sense.
And few come along who explain the BIG BANG using mathematics.

Both give a definiteness for the knowledge you possess and a promise of definiteness for the unknown, as you go along unravelling.

So, if God is mathematics.. there is definiteness..definiteness of the known and unknown.

If God is mathematics.. there is hope..

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